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To get an estimate on repairing your radio, click the link below-

I HAVE A RADIO - WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET IT REPAIRED? (Just sends us an email with radio you have, what you want done, and we respond with how to get it repaired)

 To understand the very first thing we do to any radio, click the link below-

ELECTROLYTIC REPLACEMENT  We would replace the Electrolytics anyway on any radio that we service.



We suggest that you use one of the carriers illustrated because they all have acceptable tracking systems.


All old radios that are more than 15 years old have elements in them that are called electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors are universally used in AC power supplies and gradually fail over time. Your radio, if it has not been serviced in many years, will most assuredly need new electrolytic capacitors.  Once we have received the radio, replaced these components (which would be the first thing that we do to any radio), then we can give you an estimate of any further repairs that need to be done (if any).

The repair deposit for any radio sent to us is $65.00. The following table details the possible electrolytic replacement charges based on the characteristics of your radio. The $65.00 repair deposit can be paid here -

Click on "Help with Radio" and we will get you started and invoice you for your repair deposit.

Once we have some basic information, we will invoice you via Paypal. The payments may be made with any normal credit card through PayPal. Once you have made payment through PayPal you will be instructed as to where to send your radio. Hopefully, you have looked at our pages on PACKING (if not please do).


*This $65.00 filter capacitor replacement rate applies to small 5 tube or less table radios. The $85.00 filter capacitor replacement rate applies to radios with more than 5 tubes or greater than 10lbs. $105.00 is for radios over 30lbs. $130.00 for radios over 45lbs.



Charges for electrolytic replacement by matching your radio for number of tubes, weight, type, etc. (See - How to identify tubes, age, power transformer, etc.)

CHARGES 5 tubes or less ac/dc portable >5 tubes >10 lbs car radio power transformer >30 lbs
>45 lbs
1936 or older Ham
$65.00 Y
$85.00 Y Y
$85.00 Y
$85.00 Y
$85.00 Y
$85.00 Y
$105.00 Y
$105.00 Y
$105.00 Y Y
$105.00 Y Y
$105.00 Y Y
$130.00 Y

After we receive your radio, we will replace the electrolytic capacitors and will check the radio for any additional work that needs to be done (if any). We will then send you an estimate for any additional work. This estimate will also include (separately) the cost for shipping your radio back to you. If you do not wish to do any further work, we will return the radio once you have paid for the return shipping.

If you elect to do any stipulated additional repair restoration, then that will be performed subsequent to our receipt of the estimated (firm) repair charges . After all work is completed, your radio will be shipped to you using the safest and most economical means of transport.

SUMMARYMany times, simply replacing the electrolytic capacitors puts the radio back into service, though not secured from further failure down the line from other marginal components.



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